Day: September 2, 2020

NVIDIA Shares Graphics Card Design Video Ahead of September 1st Event

Ever wondered how an NVIDIA Founders Edition graphics card is designed? It goes far beyond the addition of a powerful GPU, requiring engineers and experts skilled in the fields of thermal, mechanical, electrical and product design to come together to collaborate on a perfectly-balanced product.

To lift the shroud on this process, we spoke to some of NVIDIA’s best and brightest, who detailed the art and science behind graphics card design today, with a look towards the possibilities of the future. In the video below, we offer a first glimpse at some of the strides we have made in designing graphics cards, so that they can reach their maximum potential while remaining cool and quiet. They include:

  • Thermal: A new, airflow-optimized cooling solution, redesigned to overcome existing constraints and move more air through the system for maximum cooling efficiency
  • Mechanical: A stronger mechanical structure, including a new low profile leaf
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Memorize These Terms When Shopping for Home Decor

When shopping for home decor, there’s a whole lexicon of design-world terms that might be unfamiliar to a regular shopper. But many of these terms actually have a pretty significant impact on the product you’re looking to buy. So we’re here to help you decode some of the most common interior design words you might stumble upon on your next shopping excursion—to help you make the most informed purchase.

a man standing in a kitchen: Ever wonder what the difference between antique and vintage is? Hooked and tufted rugs? Woven and knit fabrics? Read on to find out.

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Ever wonder what the difference between antique and vintage is? Hooked and tufted rugs? Woven and knit fabrics? Read on to find out.


Bench-made: Officially, bench-made furniture is crafted by a single highly-trained artisan from start to finish; some retailers, however, used the term to signify high-quality handmade pieces, regardless of how many people work on them.

8-way hand-tied: A high-quality type of suspension in the seat of a sofa where springs are

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Armstrong World Industries, Inc. Acquires Moz Design, Inc.

LANCASTER, Pa., Aug. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Armstrong World Industries, Inc. (NYSE:AWI) today announced that it has acquired the business and assets of Moz Designs, Inc., a designer and fabricator of custom architectural metal ceilings, walls, dividers and column covers for interior and exterior applications. The talented team at Móz combines custom perforations, engraving, high-end metal finishes and forming to produce rich, artistic visuals with depth and movement, collaborating with architects and designers to make their vision a reality. With this new exciting capability, AWI enriches its leading portfolio of metal ceiling and wall solutions.  

Móz recently launched a new line of standard acrylic dividers as well, to respond to the demand for healthier spaces. These durable, easy-to-clean dividers provide both form and function, quickly and affordably transforming open floor plans into safe, separate spaces, without the loss of human connection or the need for costly structural changes.


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Man who lost home to Hurricane Laura discovers special family recipes that survived

Dale Anderson said he couldn’t find the strength to dig through his family’s belongings that survived Hurricane Laura.The storm flipped his mobile home in Lake Charles and destroyed most of the contents. “We don’t know what to do,” he told KTRK. “I mean, we don’t have a place. We have jobs, we just don’t have a place to live.” In the midst of the destruction, Anderson was able to find a few meaningful items: two of his wife’s family recipes. “Those were her mother’s,” Anderson said.Anderson isn’t sure if there’s anything left of his family’s home to salvage. “Everything is wet, you know? And it’s been laying there since last night,” he said. “You just assumed and just say, ‘I’ll start over.'”Anderson, his wife and granddaughter stayed in Katy, Texas, during the storm and aren’t sure what’s next. “I’m happy. It’s just, how much do I have to go through?” … Read More

Interior Decorating Advice

home designA one wall kitchen design is not a model new concept. Many interior design magazines exist to supply recommendation regarding coloration palette, furnishings, art, and other parts that fall underneath the umbrella of interior design. These journal usually give attention to related topics to attract a extra specific viewers. As an example, structure as a primary aspect of Dwell , while Veranda is well often called a luxury living journal. Lonny Magazine and the newly relaunched, Domino Journal , cater to a younger, hip, metropolitan viewers, and emphasize accessibility and a do-it-your self ( DIY ) method to interior design.

Inside the constructing, the place beautiful oak wooden is prevalent on the floors, walls, and ceiling, there are particular parts of storage, partition, and spacial division that had been easier to construct the bases of off-site, bring into the area, and assemble there, somewhat than working from scratch within the … Read More