Day: September 12, 2020

Review: The Windmill Air Conditioner

The Windmill app. When I opened the app, it displayed the temperature in Celsius most of the time, which was potentially a bug that will be fixed in the future. 

Connecting Windmill to my Wi-Fi and the app took a few tries but was otherwise simple. I controlled Windmill primarily from my phone out of laziness, but more often than not, upon opening the app the temperature display was set in Celsius. Sometimes it was Fahrenheit, but most of the time it would come up in Celsius, and I couldn’t find this as a setting in the app so I eventually just looked up the conversion to learn that I prefer my AC set at 23 degrees Celsius. (Windmill also confirmed they will be making improvements to the app which will update automatically for users.)

Energy Efficiency

As a company, Windmill prioritizes reducing their impact on the environment—and as consumers,

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DesignerInc Technology Platform and Marketplace For The Interior Design Trade Commences Fall MKT

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DesignerInc MKT is a biannual Market event showcasing the industry’s leading manufacturers to DesignerInc’s growing audience of interior designers. Fall MKT commences 14 September and runs through 30 November. 

DesignerInc MKT emulates the activities and marketing opportunities traditionally offered offline and in-person. Each month of MKT, DesignerInc hosts a virtual Communication Week where we open up the floor to our manufacturers who will be sharing their experiences, updates and information about their newest creations with a special eye toward artisanal craftsmanship, production processes and the inspiration behind their collections. We often feature special, back-of-house facility tours and other unique experiences!

Please join your community during the week of September 15 – 18 for a series of lively discussions with leading manufacturers. Our September lineup features interviews and presentations with leadership from The Rug Company, Currey & Company, Theodore Alexander and Hellman-Chang, including

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Burger King Tests Touchless Restaurant Design in Miami

The year 2020 has been a challenging one for the restaurant industry. The coronavirus pandemic has compelled restaurants to change everything from interior design to menu options in order to keep up with safety requirements and consumer demand.

It’s happening on a large scale, as well.

Miami-based fast-food giant Burger King is unveiling a completely new restaurant design that prepares the fast-food chain for our “New Normal.” With more people demanding outdoor dining and contactless transactions, Burger King plans to test the design next year in Miami and several locations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Rapha Abreu, global head of design at Burger King parent Restaurant Brands International, tells New Times that Miami was chosen because it’s the company’s hometown. “As of today, we have plans to pilot one of these restaurants in Miami in 2021. Miami was chosen because is where our headquarters are based in and where

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Birmingham stabbing victim was ‘light of our life’, says family

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Jacob Billington, who was stabbed to death in Birmingham on Sunday, has been described by his family as “the light of our life”.

The 23-year-old died after being attacked in Irving Street in the early hours of Sunday morning.

One of his friends, also 23, was seriously injured and remains in hospital in a critical condition, said West Midlands Police (WMP).

A 27-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and seven counts of attempted murder, and remains in custody.

In a statement issued through police, Mr Billington’s family said: “Jacob was the light of our life and we have been devastated by his loss.

“He was a funny, caring and wonderful person who was loved by every single person he met.

“He lit up every room with his boundless energy and witty humour and the loss of such a special person will be

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