Fall home decor trends: Comforting hues, flexible design

In recent years, brown anything in a living space was considered by some arbiters of decor as drab and outdated. But this fall the hue is back in favor, in part because of the unsettled, anxious state of the world.

“Brown traditionally makes people feel comfortable and safe, and those are feelings that many of us are looking to our homes to provide,” says interior designer Dawn Hamilton of Oakland Park, Florida.

It’s just one of the trends in decor this season, when the pandemic has made home an even more essential space for living, working, studying and more. Also on the watch list: flexible rooms, indoor and out.


Hamilton says today’s brown palette is being used in new ways, as a neutral in all kinds of materials, and as an accent color.

“Brown feels very earthy and rich. It’s warm and inviting, and has the same grounding

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Amy Astley, Architectural Digest Editor-In-Chief, Discusses The Pandemic’s Lasting Impact On The Home, Design And The Magazine Industry

When publishing giant Condé Nast closed its storied One World Trade Center headquarters on March 11, Amy Astley assumed she’d be back in her 26th-floor office within a matter of weeks. Having served as Architectural Digest’s editor-in-chief since 2016 and the founding editor of Teen Vogue for a decade before that, she had never been away from her post for long, and the prospect of leaving, her return date unknown, felt wholly unnatural. Nonetheless, the health and safety of her team was top priority, so she collected her things, instructed others to do the same, and headed home with a plan to run the magazine’s operations remotely. Six months later, Astley is still at home—albeit her summer cottage on Long Island’s North Fork—but since leaving her office in March, she’s closed five issues, set multiple records for single-day subscriptions and monthly social media engagement, and overseen the

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10 ways to optimize home office and the biggest mistakes to avoid

  • Amie T. Keener is a registered interior designer and associate at Gensler.
  • Many people may have set up their home offices not expecting to be there for the long haul, but it’s becoming increasingly clear we may be home for several more months.
  • Now you may be scrambling to create a better home office.
  • But before you do so, pay attention to these possible pitfalls, especially when ordering furniture online.
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Like many others, I initially thought we would be working from home just a couple of weeks.

I set up a bar height bistro table in the corner of the living room as my desk space. But, as the weeks passed, I moved my desk to the other side of the room to face out the window to take in nature, and occasionally, I’ll see a hummingbird quickly dashing around the yard.  

Amie Keener


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Interior design for home quarantining

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many aspects of life, and interior designers are taking note. In the webinar “Where Will 2021 Take Interior Design?” Rhonda Peterson of Rhonda Peterson and Associates in Atlanta said 2021 is heading into some different areas.

Peterson took part in the educational seminar, which was offered during the summer Las Vegas Market. The biannual trade show at the World Market Center bucked 2020 convention and held its Aug. 30-Sept 3 event in person, however, its series of educational seminars were held online.

“Because so many of my clients are quarantined in their homes, they have become more thoughtful about their space and what will work for them,” she said. “They want a more comfortable environment to support their new lifestyle brought on by the coronavirus. Before all this happened, I would suggest a number of different design ideas, but now I’m following their design ideas.”

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How to Start an Interior Design Brand Right at Home

You can start an interior design brand all on your own, right from your own home. You could want to be a buyer, decorator, or start a lifestyle magazine. Anything that relates to interior design and décor will benefit from you first proving yourself in the most basic of all locations: your home.

If you can transform your home and make it look incredible, then you can have a say as a designer or as a lifestyle journalist. If you can wow people right at home, then the implication is that you can wow them in their own homes. It’s a great marketing tactic and a good way to launch your brand and even find new clients:


Follow Similar Brands That are Succeeding in What You Want to Do

It’s okay to not know where to begin because the first step when starting your

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‘Everybody is busy right now’: Saskatoon interior designers see spike in home renovations

Saskatoon interior designers say they’re seeing an increase in home renovations and improvement projects during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Everybody is busy right now which is definitely a good thing to see because a few months back, it didn’t necessarily seem like this is where we would be at this particular point,” said Brandon Gay, sales and project director at Metric Design Centre.

Gay said he and his staff have been working been working on a lot of residential renovation projects this year compared to last year, with many focused on home office spaces and outdoor decks.

“With people not able to travel the same way that they were, they a) see the opportunity to reinvest that money in the space where they’re spending a lot more time or b) they see the opportunity to keep themselves busy while they’re not able to move around quite as much as

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Family upset after bullets hit their home from a quarter mile away | News

JOHNSON COUNTY, KS (KCTV) — Residents in certain areas of Johnson County are up in arms because of people firing off guns near homes.

On Thursday, KCTV5’s Greg Payne looked into the complications that have made enforcing such situations tough for law enforcement.

“So, here is where the bullet entered through our exterior wall,” said Matthew Keys.

It’s a constant reminder for him of May 31.

“I was working in my garage and I heard glass shatter,” he recalled.

Keys said that, for hours, a group of college students on their own family property nearby were shooting off firearms.

“Went outside and walked around while they were still firing, checked all my windows, and realized that none of the windows were broken,” he said.

It wasn’t until the next day that his son noticed glass shattered in their computer room.

“The bullet actually ricocheted off of the picture frame and

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Memorize These Terms When Shopping for Home Decor

When shopping for home decor, there’s a whole lexicon of design-world terms that might be unfamiliar to a regular shopper. But many of these terms actually have a pretty significant impact on the product you’re looking to buy. So we’re here to help you decode some of the most common interior design words you might stumble upon on your next shopping excursion—to help you make the most informed purchase.

a man standing in a kitchen: Ever wonder what the difference between antique and vintage is? Hooked and tufted rugs? Woven and knit fabrics? Read on to find out.

© SDI Productions – Getty Images
Ever wonder what the difference between antique and vintage is? Hooked and tufted rugs? Woven and knit fabrics? Read on to find out.


Bench-made: Officially, bench-made furniture is crafted by a single highly-trained artisan from start to finish; some retailers, however, used the term to signify high-quality handmade pieces, regardless of how many people work on them.

8-way hand-tied: A high-quality type of suspension in the seat of a sofa where springs are

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Man who lost home to Hurricane Laura discovers special family recipes that survived

Dale Anderson said he couldn’t find the strength to dig through his family’s belongings that survived Hurricane Laura.The storm flipped his mobile home in Lake Charles and destroyed most of the contents. “We don’t know what to do,” he told KTRK. “I mean, we don’t have a place. We have jobs, we just don’t have a place to live.” In the midst of the destruction, Anderson was able to find a few meaningful items: two of his wife’s family recipes. “Those were her mother’s,” Anderson said.Anderson isn’t sure if there’s anything left of his family’s home to salvage. “Everything is wet, you know? And it’s been laying there since last night,” he said. “You just assumed and just say, ‘I’ll start over.'”Anderson, his wife and granddaughter stayed in Katy, Texas, during the storm and aren’t sure what’s next. “I’m happy. It’s just, how much do I have to go through?” … Read More

West Elm and EILEEN FISHER Design Upcycled Home Collection

BROOKLYN, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, global design company West Elm and EILEEN FISHER debut a sustainably made collection of home decor and furniture designed with upcycled EILEEN FISHER materials, giving garments a second life beyond the closet. Both retailers shared a vision to develop responsible designs using conscientious manufacturing centered around a zero-waste system to create home products with less environmental impact. The limited-edition collection interprets EILEEN FISHER’s Renew program to a selection of pillows and casual seating available today at WestElm.com/EileenFisher and EileenFisher.com. The collaboration marks the first time EILEEN FISHER brings its industry-changing denim felting method to an exclusive collection with a major home retailer.

Our team was delighted to partner with West Elm because of our shared passion for creating responsibly-designed products. With these beautiful designs, we are extending each garment’s life cycle and drastically reducing the waste that we put out into the world. As

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