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If you know me well, you’re probably aware that I’m not always the happiest shopper. Some of my friends love wandering the aisles of big stores, searching for deals and inspiration to keep their homes fun and fresh. Not me—if I have to go to a big-box store, I want to focus my laser vision on whatever item I’m buying, grab that item, and get out of the building as quickly as my short-girl legs can carry me.

Given this, some of my loved ones might be surprised to hear I’ve become such a convert to Home Depot decor. But they shouldn’t be! When it comes to decorating, Home Depot offers everything I could ask for: a huge range of high-quality products that cover practically every style; surprisingly affordable prices; and, often, free shipping, so I don’t have to leave the house.

It’s easy for me to say that Home Depot’s offerings are built to last, but you don’t have to trust me. We’ve gathered some of Home Depot’s highest-rated pieces of home decor to prove it deserves to be your new interior decorating go-to.

1. An alarm clock that gets you out of bed without keeping you up at night

It’s much easier to put your phone down at night when you’re not constantly asking yourself if you remembered to set your alarm (Photo: Home Depot)

I am obsessed with sleep. I’m fiercely protective of my bedtime routine, and the best birthday present I received this year was an amazing new memory foam pillow. But even I sometimes struggle to stay off my phone before bed. At the very minimum, I can’t go to sleep without reassuring myself that my alarm is set

There’s an obvious solution here—an analog alarm clock. I love that this clock glows through the dark, cutting down on the temptation to check your phone if you wake up in the wee small hours, and that the light is a soft green instead of the classic (and stressful) blaring red. Reviewer Zippy assures browsers that the glow is gentle. “Love this analog alarm,” they write. “Also appreciate the dimmer on the green light, as it is not distracting and easily controlled. Have had this for about a month and the alarm is not so loud that it startles you awake…very easy on the ears as it is on my side of the bed.”

Get the Large 4.72 in. Black Analog Alarm Table Clock with Night Vision Technology for $16.11

2. A lightweight mirror that will actually last

Bring light and space into your home with this generous mirror (Photo: Home Depot)

I love mirrors, and not just because I’m a Leo (happy birthday to us!). Mirrors are endlessly versatile pieces of decor that can actually make your space look bigger, while also maximizing natural light. At a certain point, it’s time to stop buying flimsy, dorm-reminiscent hanging mirrors that are going to break in six months, and to treat yourself to a mirror that will look amazing anywhere.

This mirror comes in a variety of burnished tones, but gold is my forever favorite (confirmed by every piece of jewelry I own). Despite the mirror’s antique appearance, transporting it won’t be an issue—the frame is actually made of carefully finished plastic, which might actually be a perk. Buyer TrendyBedroom speaks to this, writing, “Great full length mirror for the price. Looks expensive and is pretty lightweight for the size. Mirrors were easy to hang on the wall. I bought two for my bedroom and they look amazing. They really complete the look I was going for and added the pop of color I wanted.”

Get the Gold Full Length Leaner Floor Mirror for $129

3. A comfy throw that’s just the right weight

Throw blankets are the unsung heroes of any cozy living room (Photo: Home Depot)

Tempted though I was to give this spot to an old-fashioned floral quilt that instantly won my heart, reviewers agree that there’s no beating Home Depot’s soft knitted Sherpa throw. I can’t blame them—this earth-toned heathered throw is certainly pretty enough to work as decor, but it’s also fuzzy and oversized, making it perfect for snuggling in front of the TV. Made of cozy polyester, this throw will also hold up just fine in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

Reviewer UTbadger is completely in love. “This is the softest blanket I have ever owned,” they write. “The khaki knit side is very soft and nicely stitched. The furry side feels like it’s made of silk clouds.” They also say that they’ve washed it twice without signs of wear, and that it feels about medium-weight in person—perfect for getting cozy any time of the year.

Get the Oversized Sweater Knit Charcoal Sherpa Throw Blanket for $14.99

4. A room divider to instantly create a private nook

A room divider is the perfect way to carve out a work space or a sweet little reading nook (Photo: Home Depot)

Room dividers are awesome. Whether you’re in a tight space and looking for privacy, or if your home is so open and airy you wind up wasting the ample space, dividers can help you make the most of what you have. Home Depot offers a number of beautiful room dividers, but buyers are especially partial to this simple, elegant, and durable option.

Some reviewers mention using the divider to create peace in a shared space, while others use it to control natural light. One buyer in the second category confirms that it works well for this purpose. “This lovely screen comes already assembled right out of the box,” they write. “It is very well made and light, does a great job of filtering sunlight while looking peaceful and attractive. It is perfect in my art studio.”

Get the 5.83 ft. Black 4-Panel Room Divider for $100.45

5. An artificial plant that won’t be bothered by pets, babies, neglect, or the seasons

Finally, a potted plant that won’t mind if you go on vacation for two weeks (Photo: Home Depot)

While I love caring for my live plants, there is also definitely room in my heart for some nice faux ones. Fake plants don’t have to look fake, and they can be a great option if your living situation, schedule, or housemates prevent you from keeping greenery alive (looking at you, pets and toddlers). I like this popular faux palm tree, which is just to right size to liven up a space without being obtrusive.

Whether this palm is tucked in a bedroom or brightening up a patio, reviewers like that it’s vibrant, easy to set up, and, of course, that it doesn’t require watering or sunlight. Reviewer PalmTree says, “I love this palm tree because it looks so natural and pulls my room together so nicely. Love that it will always look good without having to take care of it like a real plant!” Other buyers mention that the pot it comes with isn’t the strongest or most attractive, so it’s probably wise to pair this palm with a sturdy pot that suits your style.

Get the Indoor 4 ft. Golden Cane Palm Tree for $59.56

6. Vanity lights to add pizzazz to your morning routine

Depending on your style, these lights can be either rustic or completely glamorous (Photo: Home Depot)

If you’re willing to make a slightly bigger commitment, you can completely transform your bathroom with these gorgeous, vintage-inspired vanity lights. From a practical standpoint, adding four new lights will make your bathroom or vanity that much more usable—but I also just love these lights aesthetically. They’re wonderfully versatile, working equally well in a modern, minimalist space and a cozy rustic one.

Don’t let the installation process intimidate you. Reviewers like Barb say that it’s straightforward, with great results. “Lighting is exactly as pictured,” Bard writes. “It was easy to install and the look is what I wanted. I love the clean look of the clear glass and Edison bulbs. Provides plenty of light over the bathroom sink.”

Get the Calhoun Collection Four-Light Bath & Vanity for $169

7. A gumball machine for your daily dose of whimsy

This gumball machine can act as a piggy bank, giving kids incentive to save (Photo: Home Depot)

Here’s a piece of decor that will set your home apart—your own retro gumball machine. This piece is sure to entertain visitors both young and old, but it can also work as an unconventional piggy bank (don’t worry, you can set it up to dispense items without feeding it coins). The possibilities for this machine are practically endless. You could fill it with candy, healthy snacks, or even use it to dispense quarters when you head to the laundromat.

Many reviewers report that this machine has delighted their kids and grandchildren, but the adults are happy about it, too! Reviewer Jwl1433 writes that, “For the price, you can’t go wrong with how this product is made. Most places sell the exact model from 70 to 100 bucks so this price is best you’ll find. The globe is made of glass and the stand is made of hardened steel. It’s very sturdy and just the right height just like the old-time machines were made.” They go on to say that the machine does a great job dispensing a variety of items, but they also advise you to double-check it’s working before filling it with treats. It’s also worth thinking about freshness before you fill the globe to capacity—just because it can fit six pounds of peanuts doesn’t mean it should!

Get the Best Seller15 in. Vintage Candy Gumball Machine Bank with Stand for $59

8. A shelf statue for the bibliophile in your life

On top of being decorative, this statue is stable enough to act as an unconventional bookend (Photo: Home Depot)

A lot of the items on this list are both decorative and functional, but sometimes being decorative is the function. Home Depot, surprisingly, carries a lot of hanging and standing art. This highly-rated sculpture of a figure cozily enjoying a book if just one of their hits.

Many reviewers purchased this sculpture as a gift for book-loving friends and family members, and report that it’s satisfyingly sturdy and beautifully crafted in person. One such buyer says, “I bought this as a gift for my husband who loves to read and he and I absolutely love it! The quality and details are perfect!” Another reviewer writes, “Very sweet sculpture to put on a shelf of books! Nice weight and sits well. Really like it!” Some reviewers mention being surprised by the size of the statue, so be sure to review the dimensions before purchasing!

Get the Encircled Reader Cast Iron Sculpture for $35.95

9. A magazine rack that will encourage you to actually read your stack of New Yorkers

This magazine rack can turn your clutter into an attractive display (Photo: Home Depot)

As I write this, I sit before a six-inch stack of magazines, all shoved haphazardly onto the bottom shelf of my coffee table. Not a bad system in theory, but in practice it means my magazines are ignored 90% of the time. The remaining 10% is when my cats knock the whole pile onto the floor. In short, it’s not really a setup that encourages reading.

This elegant magazine rack offers a much better solution. Compact enough to fit in the corner next to your favorite armchair, it allows you to actually display your books, papers, and magazines without sacrificing your coffee table. Buyer Arl329 is happy with the purchase, writing, “This product is great! It is exactly what I wanted for my living room. The quality is really nice. It comes in one piece so there is no assembly needed.” While reviewers are almost universally pleased with the rack, some do say the wood is darker than it appears on the website.

Get the Contemporary Style Magazine Rack in Dark Mahogany for $29.37

10. A mirrored tray that’s pretty enough to be its own display

It’s almost a shame to cover this beautiful tray with other household items (Photo: Home Depot)

Organizational trays are everywhere in my house—from my bathroom to my desk to the top of my dresser. Having somewhere convenient to stick my various random product bottles is the only way I can maintain a facade of tidiness. None of my organizational trays are as gorgeous as this one, though. While it is functional and convenient, this mirrored tray could easily stand on its own as a decorative centerpiece. With a generous 15-inch diameter, the tray would look amazing holding flowers, plants, candles, or just your TV remote.

Get the American Atelier Electroplated Silver Metal and Glass Round Serving Tray for $39.99

11. Minimalist bookends that double as desk organizers

The slots in these bookends might be too shallow for long pencils, but they’re perfect for smaller writing utensils and art supplies (Photo: Home Depot)

I never knew I needed these bookends, but now I can’t believe I’ve lived without them. Not only as they a storage solution for books that don’t fit on the shelf, they’re also perfect for holding small pens, art supplies, kitchen items, and other knick knacks. On top of that, I love their streamlined, minimalist design. Who needs another attention-grabbing piece of decor in an already cluttered space?

In JSGarden1’s review, they say they found these bookends right as they were searching for office organization solutions. “The quality of the bookends is great,” they write, “not super heavy, but very sturdy. I can see using this in the kitchen as well to help control my cookbooks! Very handy product and I am very pleased with it.”

Get the Smart White Quarter Bookend Desk Organizer for $17.91

12. Contemporary wall sconces to give your home a subtle flair

These beautiful sconces are striking without taking over the room (Photo: Home Depot)

These stunning wall sconces hit the perfect balance between contemporary and classic. I love the look of sconces in general, but I admit they sometimes lean into a style I’ll call “haunted house chic”—fun for a while, but not necessarily the coziest in the long run. This beautiful pair of scones is completely different. They still have an appealing whiff of drama, but they’re also subtle enough to look natural and lovely hanging in a bedroom.

Reviewer ProudHomeOwner speaks to the quality of this product, writing that “these sconces are very stylish and very well manufactured…I love how the antique patina gives a timeless look.” They recommend pairing the scones with small pillar candles, but also mention battery-operated candles would work well. This reviewer echoes others who say installation is a breeze, mentioning that they mounted the sconces with simple picture hangers.

Get the Contemporary Metal Brown Wall Candle Sconces with Antique Patina Medallions (Set of 2) for $32.95

13. A soft rug to help you rest your feet and your eyes

Your feet deserve a rug this soft (Photo: Home Depot)

Nothing can change a space quite as quickly as an area rug. This geometric one is a huge hit with Home Depot shoppers, who say the low-pile is just the right height, and that the soft material feels great on bare feet. I’m a big fan of light rugs, as darker ones can make a room look smaller—but be prepared to battle pet hair if you share your home with a dark-coated furry friend.

Buyer AM is very happy with the value of the rug, writing that it’s wonderfully soft and feels high-quality. “Great price,” they write. “The colors are neutral and perfect for my bedroom. The stripes are dark gray and the main part is a very light cream with a slight shimmer. Love it! Wish it came as a runner!” Just be sure to get a rug pad as well to prevent slipping!

Get the Bazaar Silver Strike Beige 7 ft. 10 in. x 10 ft. 2 in. Indoor Area Rug for $179

14. Home Depot’s most popular jar candle

Fans of these candles swear by the, buying them again and again for years (Photo: Home Depot)

I can’t live without my insect-repelling Home Depot citronella candles, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized they also sell jar candles with some serious cult followings. I should have been aware—I have finally accepted that my passion for scented candles is just an intrinsic part of my personality, and I’m ready to embrace it.

This adorable candle comes in nine delicious-sounding fragrances, from Caramel Sticky Bun to Bonfire by the Lake. If you love sweet and spicy scents, this is the collection for you. Reviewers are all over the place about which variation smells the best, but they overwhelmingly agree that the candles burn cleanly, carry the scent well without being overpowering, and last a long time. “Keepers of the Light candles are excellent quality with excellent burn qualities including lasting scent,” writes reviewer Jess. “Also, the scents are true to their names. I had found these candles several years ago at a gift shop, bought one to try, and was thoroughly pleased with the results. I was thrilled to see that I can get them through Home Depot.”

Get the Praline Caramel Glass Candle for $23.99

15. Stained glass art for both you and the birds

Although you can hang this stained glass anywhere, put it against a bright window for the full effect (Photo: Home Depot)

Of all the wall art available from Home Depot, their hanging stained glass is some of the most beloved. There’s nothing like sunlight coming through a piece of stained glass, bringing rich jewel tones alive. This popular piece depicts ten adorably snuggling birds, but that’s not the only reason bird-lovers should consider adding it to their carts—when it hangs from a large window, it can also prevent wild birds from injuring themselves by flying into the glass.

MacHic is one of many enthusiastic fans of this piece. They write that, although they personally chose to prop the stained glass on a flat surface, the included chain and suction cups seem perfectly sturdy. “The piece looks just lovely in the morning and early afternoon in this west-facing window,” they say. “But when the sun finally reaches the birds in the later afternoon and evening, the piece really shows just how magnificent it is!”

Get the Multi Stained Glass Birds on a Wire Window Panel for $59.55

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